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If you'd like to have a Telehealth or phone consultation with Dr. Mulcahy, please click on the Consultations tab, found on the left side of this page.

Important: Please use a Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Firefox browser to access this website when making a Consultation. These are the only browsers that work with the scheduling software.

If you'd like to continue to order physician grade supplements, please see the following links:

For Emerson Ecologics, click on this link:

For Professional Formulas, click on this link: and use patient code: VZA746R.

For Apex Energetics products, go to and type in the code: PMDO22.

For Deseret Biological products, go to and type in the code: 99928975.

If you aren't able to find the supplements you've been taking, please email Dr. Mulcahy at

For Patients looking for their medical records from Dr. Mulcahy's office practice:

Your medical records are now in the custodianship of Morgan Records Management. If you would like to obtain your medical records, please contact them at:

Patient Records Requests Request My Medical Records
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  • (D) 833-888-0061