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Dr. Mulcathy's Background Information
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Southern Maine Integrative Health Center - Alternative Medicine and Holistic Healing.

Our holistic approach to healthcare combines the best of traditional and nontraditional Medicine. Whether you are looking for a traditional Family Practitioner or a more integrated approach, we take the time to listen to you and answer your questions, helping you create the healthcare program that best fits your needs. Our “whole Person” approach to medicine goes far beyond treating specific symptoms.

Our goal: is to help patients develop healthy attitudes and lifestyles that address present health concerns and PREVENT illness in the first place.

At Southern Maine Integrative Health Center the following conditions are treated:

• Hormone status, bioidentical hormones for men and women
• Allergies and intolerance to food, molds, pollens, dust, or chemicals
• Immune system function
• Stress and emotional states
• Energetic balance
• Lyme Disease
• Parasites

Click here for a complete list of conditions treated using Alternative Medicine and Holistic Healing.