Southern Maine Integrative Health

General Info

Welcome to the Southern Maine Integrative Health Center, we look forward to working with you in achieving your optimal health.

Our role in your medical care
Delivering high quality, personalized holistic care requires longer appointments during which you have our undivided attention. We strive to give you the best service possible. We are available to handle certain acute conditions as well as provide specialty referrals and lab/x-ray/pharmacy coordination when needed. However we do not perform minor surgery or dermatologic procedures, administer immunizations, provide routine or acute gynecologic care, or see patients in the hospital.

Initial visit
At your first visit you will meet with a Doctor to share your health concerns and to establish the direction of your future care. A complete medical history will be obtained with information taken from your self-completed questionnaire, your in-office discussion, as well as your physical examination. At this point, lab work will be ordered based on initial findings with most labs covered by standard insurance. However, there are a few that are considered specialty tests and do not fall under this classification.

At the end of the initial visit, patients will receive a preliminary diet and/or supplement suggestion based on individual needs. Any final questions will then be answered. We are available by phone to answer any additional questions that might arise.

Follow-up visits
When your test results are completed a follow up visit will be scheduled to review your treatment plan as well as discuss any changes in your physical condition following your first visit. Subsequent medical follow-up appointments will be made to monitor the progress of your therapy. The number of follow-up appointments needed, will be based on the individual’s progress and their program compliance. It is our goal to establish a therapeutic relationship based on individual trust and respect while acting as a guide on your journey toward optimal health.

Schedule your visit
We look forward to meeting you and serving you in the future. Contact our patient coordinator at 207-985-3079, to schedule an appointment.

Cancellation Notice
As a courtesy to our office and other patients, please give us 24 hours notice when cancelling or changing your appointment. If cancellation of your visit is not received at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment we reserve the right to charge you up to the full amount of the visit.

Please fill our questionnaire as fully and honestly as possible. Even small details are important to us. Mental, emotional, social aspects of your life all play a role in your health. Please feel free to mention any stress that you may have in any of these areas.

At our health center, emphasis is placed on you accepting responsibility for your health. This includes informing your practitioner if your program doesn’t suit your needs or expectations. The more we understand you, the more we can help.

The information given to this clinic is completely confidential. Thank you for choosing the Southern Maine Integrative Health Center.

After hours coverage
We provide an outpatient service only. We do not admit patients to the hospital. Our emphasis is on maintaining wellness, preventative medical services, and care for chronic medical conditions. We are available by phone to answer any questions 24 hours a day/7 days a week. Unless you’re experiencing an acute emergency you will not be able to talk to the doctor during office hours. Please leave your question with the office staff. We will do our best to answer your questions however complex medical issues require an office visit or telephone consultation.

In case of a serious medical emergency call 911 or go directly to the nearest emergency room. If you need to reach your Doctor outside your usual office hours, call our office number at (207) 985-3079 and follow directions given on the phone message. Your Doctor will call you back. Please have your pharmacy number ready before you call.

Lab Results
We will only call you with the results of blood tests or other labs if they contain critical values that need immediate attention. Otherwise we will discuss lab results during your next doctor visit unless other arrangements were made at your last office visit.

Renewal of medications
Unless you schedule a follow up visit every six to twelve months, depending on your diagnosis, we cannot refill your prescription. We would appreciate the renewal of medications to be done well in advance. Except in emergencies, we do not refill medication after hours when your medical record is unavailable for review.

Fragrances and Perfumes
We treat patients who have multiple environmental and chemical sensitivities. We request that you avoid wearing fragrances when you come to the office in respect for others.

Fee Schedule
All out-of-pocket office visits are charged as follows:

Initial visit: $300.00/1 hr.
Follow up visits: $160.00/30 min.
Short visit: $80.00/15 minutes


The Doctors are accepting new patients for some, but not all, insurance plans. Please call the office to verify whether we are taking your insurance plan.

Dr. Mulcahy is not accepting:
- New patients who want him to be their Primary Care physician
- HMO insurance plans
- New Medicare or Mainecare plans, including those who are already patients

Gloria Oppen, NP will be accepting new patients and will serve as a Primary Care practitioner.

Supplements and medications
We frequently prescribe nutritional supplements as part of our treatment plan. The main reason we dispense supplements in our office is to provide quality products which have established benefits.

For nutritional supplements to be highly effective they must be of high quality. Various studies show that the labeling information on supplements is often unreliable, containing only a fraction of the claimed amount. Many suppliers provide low quality ingredients, which not only exert an insufficient therapeutic effect, but can also be rancid or contaminated by heavy metals and pesticides.

Our products are well researched and individually selected. We make every effort to hold them to the latest scientific standards and the prices are competitive for high quality products. Last not least: we have years of clinical experience with these supplements. They have proven their effectiveness and we can rely on them.

Supplement Orders
You can reorder your supplements by calling our office phone number, (207) 985-3079. Prepaid shipments will go out the following business day.

We welcome any suggestions you may have about ways we can improve our service to you. Should you have questions, please feel free to ask.